When it comes to art, it's important not to hide the Madness. ~ Atticus

Sand is a very perplexing substance, being soft, inviting, and enveloping, while simultaneously abrasive and irritating. Whether it gets stuck in your bathing suit after a day at the beach or you let it run through your fingers and rest between your toes, sand can have a profound effect on one’s mood. I look to sand to reflect and assist in coping with my moods and emotions. My works are used as a vehicle for managing my growing social anxieties and better understanding and accepting how I feel. I use the sand mixture to create these thick sculptural marks and hills that often represent the weight my anxiety pushes down on me. However, the materials also echo the enjoyable memories and experiences of going to my grandparents’ beach house throughout the summer. 

Natural and found objects are very important in my work as I feel that nature is very reflective of our bodies and minds and, therefore, can be used to accurately depict our emotions and feelings. Sand, itself, I find represents anxiety in a very stimulating way. It can be a form of irritant, an itchy, uncomfortable sensation. The challenge and limitations of working with the sand is important to the work. It forces you to compromise when used as a medium, but supplies immense satisfaction when it finally cooperates.