When it comes to art, it's important not to hide the Madness. ~ Atticus


Emily Haag 

Emily Haag is a contemporary abstract expressionist based in New Jersey and is known for her sculptural sand compositions. Haag’s works center around the physicality of the material and how it plays with light and shadow, while simultaneously peaking into the inner workings of mental health.

With a BFA in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design, Haag works spontaneously and unrestrained. While studying at RISD, Haag’s works transformed from realism and still lifes to expressive and thick abstracts. Her works grow dense and heavy, being physically boisterous. 

Haag’s style of painting embodies meditation and a search for understanding one’s mental health. Through her processes of meditation, self-reflection, and manipulation of material, Haag strives to capture something that cannot be seen or shown, but rather felt.

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